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New portrait to be delivered

A recently completed portrait of Reading, Pennsylvania physician Dr. Rocco Santarelli will soon be delivered to his office. This portrait may be viewed in the website in the Oil Portraits folder of the Gallery. The planning for the portrait began with discussions concerning size and possible backgrounds. This was followed by a photography session in the client's home during which a variety...
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Double Portrait Completed

I have just completed and will soon deliver a double portrait to clients in Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. The portrait is of this couple's two young sons and may be viewed in the "Oil Portraits" folder in my website's Gallery (Alex and Austin.) The portrait presented some extra challenges, the first being the very young age of the infant boy. Even though I did some life study of...
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New folder added to Gallery

I have just added a new folder to the Gallery of my website. In this folder, I hope to collect and display photographs of my paintings in the settings where they now hang. This will be especially informative with some custom paintings which were planned to fit with a particular decor. Gathering these photographs may take some time since I must coordinate with owners' schedules. When possible,...
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Painting for office delivered

"Notturno," found in the Custom Paintings folder in the Gallery of my website, was completed and delivered last week to a doctor's office in Cecil County, Maryland. Planning with the client began about seven months ago and went through several color sketches and a complete preliminary, smaller oil painting. From this first oil painting, I was able to fine-tune several features such...
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